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Copyright 2000 to 2003
WebCORE.net Inc.

WebCORE.net is a Christian based web hosting company. (Our Vision)

WebCORE.net, Inc. offers High-Standard server-side hosting with state-of-the-art web related services for its clients. Giving them an edge in their respective industries by effectively utilizing the capabilities of the Internet.

WebCORE.net Servers are state of the art Intel Dual XEON 2.4GHz with Hyperthreading, 2x512KB cache, 2.0GB ECC RAM, 2x80GB 7200rpm drives and Hardened secure Kernel. These extremely powerful servers are located in the NAC datacenter, using only Premium NAC bandwidth. No DCJN bandwidth used. Reliability, extreme uptime and fanatical support is our focus and total obsession. The combination of Intel Dual XEON 2.4GHz, 2GB ECC RAM servers and Premium NAC bandwidth, makes for an extremely reliable hosting platform.

As an IT company offering one of the fastest Webservers in the country, WebCORE.net boast quality service at an 'all-affordable' price. Catering both big and small businesses alike. WebCORE.net services covers the follwing: Domain Registration, Web Development, Logo Designing, and Web Hosting.

WebCORE.net is consistent with upholding client-oriented policies that recognizes the value of maintaining long-term relationship with its customers. Delivering high quality web services with the top priority for speed in meeting customer requirements.

WebCORE.net guarantees nothing less but excellent web services, and customer satisfaction!!!

To contact us, please visit our : Contact Information
You can also email us, click here.